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Benefits of Longan Fruit that is Rarely Known

Benefits of Longan Fruit that is Rarely Known
Benefits of Longan Fruit that is Rarely Known

There is a myth that longan or longan fruit is not good for consumption during pregnancy. That said, longan has a hot effect like pineapple, so it can cause allergic reactions in pregnant women and fetuses. This fruit is even considered to complicate the delivery process.

The benefits of longan fruit for pregnant women are very diverse. Various nutritional content in this sweet little fruit is known to maintain the health of pregnant women and support fetal growth and development. Want to know what are the benefits of longan for pregnant women and fetuses? Come on, see this article.

In fact, this statement has not been proven medically. Not only that, longan is safe and good for consumption during pregnancy because it contains a variety of nutrients.

However, as with the rules for consuming other types of food, longan fruit should be consumed with ideal portions, not excessive, and not too often.

Some of the Benefits of Longan Fruit for Pregnant Women

Due to its high nutritional content, longan fruit is known to be good for consumption by pregnant women. The following are some of the benefits of longan fruit for pregnant women and fetuses:

1. Prevent constipation during pregnancy

One of the complaints that are often experienced by pregnant women is constipation or difficult bowel movements. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, an enlarged uterus, to not drinking enough water, can be the cause of this complaint.

Constipation in pregnant women can be prevented and overcome by consuming fiber-rich intakes, such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

2. Strengthens the bones of pregnant women and fetuses

In addition to high fiber, longan fruit also contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus. These two types of minerals play an important role in maintaining the health and bone density of pregnant women. The intake of these minerals is also believed to reduce the risk of preeclampsia.

In addition, the fetus also needs calcium and phosphorus for the formation of strong bones, teeth and muscles. Not only from minerals, vitamin C and copper substances in longan fruit also have the same function in the process of forming strong bones and muscles in the fetus.

3. Prevent anemia

Longan fruit contains iron which functions to form red blood cells. Therefore, longan fruit is useful to prevent pregnant women from developing anemia or lack of blood.

Not only by consuming longan, pregnant women also need to supplement their nutritional intake by eating fruits, vegetables, and other types of nutritious foods. If pregnant women have certain health problems, such as diabetes, you should consult a doctor first before consuming longan fruit.